Dream Confetti

I love the Notes app from Apple.  It stores my crazy ideas and thoughts.  It saves things I want to remember or even holds many of my list of to dos.  I have countless notes of great ideas.  Ideas that I have never seen played out.  Lists of creative ideas that are tied to another list of excuses of why I haven’t completed that list. Why?

Why keep all these ideas and goals if I never plan to do them? Or maybe thats all they were just an idea?  What if the crazy ideas you think you wish you could do, were sparks of your potential!  A peek of a passion that God sprinkled during a season in your life. What if each hidden Note you stored is a little taste of something God thinks you could do.  A sprinkle of Dream Confetti from God above!

Our God is the greatest creator and visionary! He is the ultimate Dream weaver, and I can’t help but think that He is tied to many list on my Notes.  You saved and created that certain note for a reason.  That Note sparked something did down that made you dream and plan for something more.

I challenge you today to open your Notes app, your journal, that place you hid those “sprinkles” of ideas and complete one. Find one you could do today!  The ones that seem to big or scary I ask that you pray over them.  That you will take courage and believe in your potential!  God takes ordinary things that nobody wants and makes beautiful and extraordinary things.

Go on… open that app.