I have been reading Jennie Allen’s book, Restless for over a year now.  I have studied and reread parts over and over again. This book has stirred desires and dreams that I have given up on or talked myself out of.  Truly I love this author and speaker, she has been my mentor and she doesn’t even know me. Within this book there are two chapters called, Threads of Gifts and Threads of Suffering.  The word “thread” stuck in my head. She just used it in the tittle but as I read and prayed all I kept focusing on was the word “thread”.

A thread can be made of cotton, nylon, or other fibers spun into long, thin strands and used for sewing. The words ultimately means “A long, thin line or piece of something.” As I began to read I saw an image in my mind that brought tears to my eyes…

Old hands, steady and sure, working diligently.  As these hands worked they grasped each long thread with such care, weaving them in and out and until they were woven together.  Each thread was long and unique.  Each thread represented moments, gifts, dreams, pain, and suffering that was being woven together into a beautiful tapestry.  As my eyes looked on the hands threading, I noticed the threads. Each thread held a story, a moment, some threads were dark and ugly and others glittered with such brilliance. On their own they were nothing, but woven together  it became beautiful. Even the darkest threads that were filled with such pain  brought out the shine of gifts and dreams highlighting them; making them shine in such an extraordinary way.  Vibrant colors threaded together making something so beautiful…

God is not done.  He is weaving something so beautiful.  He will use every thread in your life and create something so extraordinary, greater then anything you can dream of.

Restless: Because You Were Made for Something More

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