The Call

The enemy will tell you what can’t be done, and all the reasons why you can’t do them.  The fact is: God used unqualified people to do extraordinary things. 

What if the desire to accomplish something bigger than ourselves was put there by God.  The stirring for more was placed to drive us forward into a deeper and wider relationship with God.  That crazy seed of thought that was bigger than yourself… What if that was God?  

The what if is what keeps your feet firmly planted where they always have been.  The fact is: all the what ifs do not accomplish anything.  They keep you grounded to the world.  “I don’t have money, social status, influence, I am a woman.”  The list of lies goes on and one.  They are lies to keep you in a box of small.  Do not let seeds of doubt grow over the seeds that God has placed in you and for you. We spend so much time trying to discern the things God has for us that we get stuck waiting and missing the very things that God has planned for us.  Maybe all we have to do is be obedient with what God has already given us.  Obey and let God worry about all the details.



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