This Love

Haunting memories darken my door. I stand in the white door frame. It has cast a shadow on my feet. I bend my head down to see the darkness, it lingers. Sickness of shame rises like vile in my throat. Swallowing, I grip the door frame. My strong stance wavers in the shadows. My weakness is evident now. I step forward on the foundation that’s been laid. The darkness can’t find me here. No shadows can stand as my feet find the pavement. My bare toes soak in the sun rays. I am free.

I can never find the words that expresses how Gods love feels. How grateful I feel. Every moment I have to choose to forget and forgive a haunting past…everyday the enemy tries to keep me there. Vile memories replay and taunt me for seconds that feel like a lifetime. But every time God will show up where the enemy tries to defeat me. Everyday God wraps me up in His arms and whispers of His grace. “You are my beautiful daughter…”

Every moment meant for my harm, turns into another beautiful written line found in my love story with the King.

There is no chain that God’s Love can’t break.

This Love – by Housefires

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